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picture of living room in Apartment 1 in Baška Point

Apartment 1

4 Beds 6 Persons Bathroom
picture of living room in apartment 2

Apartment 2

2 Beds 3 Persons Bathroom
picture of living room in apartment 3

Apartment 3

4 Beds 6 Persons Bathroom
picture of living room in apartment 4

Apartment 4

2 Beds 4 Persons Bathroom
picture of living room in apartment 5

Apartment 5

2 Beds 4 Persons Bathroom
picture of the living room in the apartment 6

Apartment 6

2 Beds 4 Persons Bathroom
picture of living room in apartment 7

Apartment 7

2 Beds 4 Persons Bathroom
picture of living room in apartment 8

Apartment 8

2 Beds 4 Persons Bathroom

Dobro nam Došli

1 Beds 4 Persons 2 Bathroom

Know Your Hosts

Baška Point is a spacious villa located in the center of Baška, beautiful town on the Island Krk, that offers accommodation in 8 contemporary furnished and fully equipped apartments.

Two of the apartments are located on the ground floor of the villa, two on the first floor and three on the second floor, while the attic is reserved for a penthouse apartment with a large terrace.

Rich experience in hospitality and tourism guarantees enjoyable and unforgettable experience for every guest, as your hosts know exactly how to provide memorable holiday for any type of guest.

As we countinuously invest our time, passion and resources to improve our service and design of the apartmants, we believe that is what makes our guests return year after year.

The family atmosphere and relaxed holiday vibe make sure that every person staying in our apartmans feels like home, so „putting the guest first“ is clearly our top priority.

Among other perks, each guest is provided with a parking space on the secured property, which is locked overnight.

Besides an excellent location, just 160 meters from the sea and 300 meters from the city center, this family accommodation is constantly trying to provide every guest with unique offer, so every single person can experience a true holiday for body and soul.

About Baška

Baška is located in the southeast of the Island Krk, beneath Obzovo, the highest peak of the island at 570 meters. Its locations on the meeting point of the mountains and the sea, makes this town a breathtaking place at the very first sight.

Mediterranean ambiance and architecture of the city make it one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Island.

The geographical position of Baška has provided the town with a steady development, and its location in a quite bay surrounded by olive groves and vineyards has made it  oe of the most recognizable towns in the Adriatic Sea. The town symbol is a unique pebble beach, more than 1800 meters long, which rightfully carries the title of one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

Breathtaking coast line atrracts touish and nature lovers for more than a century, and it only takes one view to figure out why.

Besides the incredible natural environment, Baška is world-renowned for its cultural and historical significance. It was in this place that almost a thousend years ago, the Baška tablet was built, one of the first monuments containing an inscription in the Croatian language. To this day it remains the most important monument of the Croatian people, history and language, as it contains evidence of Croatian king Zvonimir’s sovereignty and his use of Croatian language. This extreme historical significance made Baška not only tourist attractions, but also a cultural one.

First hotel in the town opened in 1906, while the first bathing resort on the island was opened just two years later. Ever since, the combination of natural beauty, hospitality and cultural significance has made Baška the favorite summer destination for countless foreign and domestic tourists.

Apart from being in one of the sunniest parts of Europe with 2500 sunny hours a year, the main advantage od Baška is incredible versatility, which guarantees that each guest has a chance to experience the vacation of their dreams.

For active holiday lovers, there are sports grounds, numerous hiking trails, sailing regattas and historical sights, while visitors looking for a peaceful and relaxed holiday can enjoy the romantic atmosphere of lonely bays and thick shade of undiscovered beaches away from the city crowds.

Our Contact and Location

T: +43 6605 193820 E: A: Popa Petra Dorčića 30
51523 Baška, Croatia